Lou Reed

In high school I went through a really big Lou Reed/Velvet Underground phase. I loved him. He was so cool and rock and roll. After high school I moved on. Still loved him but never really listened to him much. Until recently. I’ve started listening to him again. I love getting back into old loves.
Drew Grella was in Seattle this week and I was telling him about how I love Lou Reed and he was telling me how is brother knows him and I was freaking out about that. Then he asked me why the love? To me, Lou Reed is the epitome of rock and roll and cool. He just does his thing, keeps it simple and doesn’t care. His rhythms are great and his lyrics are interesting. And, I dunno, I just love him. Does one need a reason to love? Reed’s voice, far from being beautiful has a great edge to it and is unique to him. A perfect rock n roll voice if you ask me. No one sounds like him. Maybe that’s why I love him so much. No other band sounds like the Velvet Underground. At least that I know of.
Right now I’m really digging the album Lou Reed American Poet. It’s live and it’s soooo good.


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