"I’ll never understand this heart of mine" (Xtina’s Song of the Day)

It is currently 29 degrees on the day before the first day of winter, and I am wrapped up on the couch in my warmest, softest most comfortable blanket with the heater cranked to 80. I needed some easy yet soulful listening while I accomplished important tasks like reading lifestyle blogs, but I also wanted something new. As I perused blogs, I stumbled upon musician Nathan Reich. He is perfect and just what I needed.

His voice reminds me of a combination of Bob Nanna, Jack Johnson, and Damien Rice. It carries the Christina-approved stamp of melancholy with a hopeful vitality. Enjoy this live video on this glorious first day of winter.

(I just clicked on the full YouTube link, and it turns out that it is a part of the Avett Brothers’ crackerfarm YouTube page. So great.)


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