Best Discovery of 2013 That wasn’t Released in 2013

My best discover of 2013 wasn’t even a band that released a record last year, in fact they don’t even make music anymore. The band I’m talking about is LCD Soundsystem. In fact over the past few years I convinced myself that I hated them despite all the suggestions to listen to them from people who’s taste in music that I trust and admire.

This summer when I heard that James Murphy (front man of LCD Soundsystem) would be producing the new Arcade Fire album, I decided to give them another shot. . . and man, am I glad that I did. It’s much more than the electronic dance music that I dismissed it as. Sure, it’s dance music, but it’s dance music with a lot of emotion behind it. I haven’t dove to deep into their catalog, but their last two releases Sound of Silver (2007) and This is Happening (2010), are wonderful albums.

If you’re not a fan of electronic music I would still give LCD Soundsystem a shot. I think you won’t be disappointed

LCD Soundsystem Announce Farewell NYC Show


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