Video Roundup

Whatever happened to TRL? People still make music videos, although maybe they aren’t as prevalent. I suppose YouTube killed TRL. Thank God Carson Daly has made a comeback on NBC.

I used to live for TRL. As I got older, I’d complain about how “my” bands (see: Blink 182 and Avril Lavigne) were always at the end of the countdown. Years later, I stumbled upon the TRL studio while in Times Square, and a small part of me wanted to sneak into the crowd upstairs and catch a glimpse of Carson Daly’s black nails, to scream along with the preteen girls who, like, came all the way from New Jersey. On a school day.

Anyway, a lot of good musicians hit the late night circuit last week (Conor Oberst, Jenny Lewis, and Beck) and/or released great videos for even greater new songs (Karen O), so check them all out and rate them so I can present a typed list to Mr. Daly for his approval.


Watch Jenny Lewis on The Tonight Show.

Watch Beck on the Colbert Report. 


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