Joyce Manor: Never Hungover Again & Mid Decade Emo Music

I missed out on all the good emo music during the late 1990’s and early 2000’s(unless you count the first two Weezer albums). I was listening to lots of Dave Matthews band and Ryan Adams. It wasn’t until I was in college that a few good friends and my now wife introduced me to Jimmy Eat World’s album, Clarity, and bands like Sunny Day Real Estate, Pavement, Saves The Day, etc. Even though I wasn’t apart of the original movement I’ve developed a deep appreciation and even a love for a lot of the music.

Now it’s 2014 and there seems to be an emo revival. Bands like Into It Over It, Pitty Sex, Cloud Nothings, and Joyce Manor have revived the sound so many very cool teenagers enjoyed in the year 2000. Joyce Manor is going to be the focus of this post because they’re the band I’ve listened to the most. Their new album, Never Hungover Again, is fantastic. I don’t want to sound like an emo music expert, but they do the genre justice. The bleeding heart vocals and heavy guitar rifts make me want to be a teenager again. Sometimes I have to ask myself if I’m too old to like a band like Joyce Manor? Clearly the answer to that is no.

Some of my favorite songs from the album are “Christmas Card”, “Schley”, and “Falling In Love Again”.


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