Throwback Thursday (Xtina’s song of the day)

Several of my songs of the day could fall under this category because I still listen to the same music I did when I was 13. However, I thought I would share three songs I really loved back when I was a youth.

The first is “On the Brightside, She Could Choke” by Fear Before the March of Flames. Their music is screamo at its peak before it grew awash with swooping haircuts and copious amounts of black eyeliner. I always loved the back and forth of screaming and singing, and Fear Before does it best and with killer guitar riffs to boot.

The second is “.44 Caliber Love Letter” by Alexisonfire. More screaming; in fact, there is so much screaming in many of their earlier songs that it starts to hurt my throat. But you can’t ignore that opening guitar part– it’s too good. Also, the spoken word bit a couple minutes in is a classic. 

The final song is “Telescope Eyes” by Eisley. This couldn’t be more different than the previous two songs, but it was one of my favorites around the same time. The lyrics have always conjured up a dark Pinnochio for some reason.or some kind of macabre marionette. (Fun fact: I used to drive around in my Mitsubishi Diamante singing this at the top of my lungs. I once turned it down while I was singing and was embarassed enough that I never made that mistake again.)


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