First Listen: Circa Survive’s Descensus

I really like what AP had to say about Circa Survive’s latest album:

“At some point, it probably becomes fruitless to review new Circa Survive records. The band are a model of sonic and psychic consistency.” Read the rest of the review here.

Circa Survive is one of those bands in whom I can take comfort knowing that they will never release a bad album. I follow the band on social media, and it just seems as if they never run out of energy, love, and passion. In fact, it seems that they’ve only built up more. Most bands settle down a bit when they have children and families, but Circa Survive albums get more intense with each child. I think that makes me excited to a parent someday.

Anyway, this album still has that essential Circa sound, that “sonic and psychic consistency,” but even moreso. In addition, this album feels a little heavier than their other albums. What is incredible is that the heaviness doesn’t just stem from the faster drumming or Green’s banshee-like screams, but from the band as a whole. It amazes me how Green can go from bellowing his lungs out to singing serenly (check out “Nesting Dolls” for proof). Even still, the guitar on that song makes it feel like a Circa Survive song. I don’t know that I could pick a favorite track so soon, but I really love “Child of the Desert” and how badass it is.

There have been few instances where I have felt more alive than at a Circa Survive show, and that is due to the passion they evoke. Nothing is half-assed. Nothing is quiet. And everything they do feels wholly theirs.

I may come back with a more full review once I listen to it 900 more times. I hope you enjoy. Read what Colin had to say and then go and buy it.



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