My Morning Jacket – The Waterfall

My Morning Jacket’s newest release, The Waterfall, is their best release since Z. I mean really it is. Z is a masterpiece, so I’m not going to say it’s better, but it’s good guys, trust me.

It’s kicks off with “Believe”, a roaring rock n roll song that yells the title over and over in the chorus. It’s followed by “Compound Fracture” (my favorite song on the album) which sounds like the child of Michael Jackson, Justin Timberlake, and James Brown. There’s elements of soul and funk and rock that blend together perfectly with Jim James’ falsetto.

Then there’s “Get The Point”, an acoustic song that sounds a whole lot like Jim Croce. Some of my other favorite tracks are “In it’s Infancy(The Waterfall)”, Big Decisions, and “Spring (Among The Living)”.


-Gossip Girl (JK, it’s Zach)


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