Wires & Waves Summer Playlist 2015

For about the last eight years I’ve made a summer playlist for my pals. This summer I did the same thing. I made it on Spotify so you have to have an account to listen to it, which made me think about how much I miss making cd’s for people.

The first summer playlist I made for my friends was in 2008 and it was really fun and also very personal. It took a lot of time to burn all the cd’s and deliver them. I really miss that. I don’t think people listen as intently to a playlist made on Spotify.

With that being said, I still want you guys to listen to these songs because they’re great (at least I think so). They’re not necessarily about summer or sun or swimming or driving or beach balls, but they make me think about those things.

I hope you enjoy it on your phone, computer or tablet.





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