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Anticipation (By Carly Simon, but not really)

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I went on a run this morning. It’s what people do on New Years Day. Before my run I made playlist full of rock n roll music to pump me up because, lets just say it’s been a few months since I’ve exercised. The playlist was good, but as I reached mile two I hit a wall. My knees were weak, my legs were shaky, I was ready to quit. I was ready to walk. I was ready to throw in the towel.

But something inspiring happened. The most perfect rock n roll song I’ve ever heard traveled from my iPhone, through my headphones and into my ears, “Near To The Wild Heart Of Life” by Japandroids. I felt like Coach Taylor (Friday Night Lights) was giving me an inspirational speech as I finished up. I wanted to keep running, so I did. Japandroids rocked me though another half mile.

I’ve been planning for a while to write about how excited I am for their new album. Their last album, Celebration Rock, was hands down the best pure rock album of 2012 if not the best rock album in the last decade. Five years is a long time to wait, but if “Near To The Wild Heart Of Life” is any indication of the whole album then the wait will have been worth it.

The album (Also titled Near To The Wild Heart Of Life) comes out on January 27.

Other Notable albums coming out in January:

The XX – I See You: Jan. 13

Foxygen – Hang: Jan. 20

Cloud Nothings – Life Without Sound: Jan. 27


Zach’s Song of The Day

Thank goodness for staying up past 10:00 pm. If I would have gone to bed at my usual 9:30 time I would have missed the band FIDLAR’s performance of “West Coast” on Jimmy Kimmel. Now I know what you’re thinking, “Zach, you’re a Kimmel man?” To that question I would respond with an emphatic no! Guys, I watch the Late Show with Stephen Colbert, but his musical guest on Friday night was t-e-r-r-i-b-b-l-e, so I started flipping channels. Just as I switched stations, Jimmy Kimmel was announcing the closing musical act and with a name like FIDLAR I almost kept flipping.

An then a little man started belting out some of the best pop punk melodies I’ve heard (since at least last year). It reminded me of music I listened to my freshman year of college (all that emo stuff). You can enjoy it too, by clicking play on the YouTube video below.

Zach’s Song of the Day: Weezer – “Cleopatra”

I’m a Weezer fan (or at least I was). The Blue Album practically carried me through high school and Pinkerton is one of the greatest albums in the history of music (in my history of music anyway). But for the last 18 years they’ve put out mediocre albums with some good songs mixed in, but nothing great. I gave up after the Red Album (which I didn’t hate), and didn’t even listen to Raditude or Hurely.

Weezer is releasing their ninth album, Everything Will Be Alll Right In The End, and I keep hearing promising little phrases all over the internet like, it’s a return to The Blue Album and Pinkerton, but my skeptisicim has remained. They released a single (“Back To The Shack”) that wasn’t terrible but wasn’t all that great either.

Today, however, they released a new single, “Cleopatra”, that set my hopes high. I hate to compare it to Blue or Pinkerton, so I’ll just say that it’s a really good song and they’ve finally got me excited for October 7(when the album comes out). It’s got great lyrics, melodies, and guitar riffs, everything a good Weezer song should have. You can listen to it below.

or click HERE for a video link


Zach’s Song(s) of the Day

I heard two great songs today.

First Copeland is back from a brief hiatus and are releasing their fifth full length album, out in May. They also released one of the most beautiful songs they’ve recorded, “Ordinary”.

Manchester Orchestra’s released their new album, Cope, today! I’ve just started listening to the whole thing and so far so good (like, really good).
Last night they played an amazing rendition of the the album’s title track, “Cope”.

Zach’s Song of The Day

I’m kind of obsessed with Jason Isbell’s new album, Southeastern, right now. It’s the best roots/country/folk/ singer song writer/(whatever it is) album I’ve heard this year. I found this video of “Cover Me Up” with Blake Mills on guitar. It gave me the shivers. Like every song on the album, this one tells a very personal story about his life. Enjoy the video and the song.

Zach’s Song of The Day

I’ve seen the movie Control and loved it, but I can’t call myself a Joy Division fan. There are some songs of theirs I think are brilliant, but I’m not familiar with every song ever written. I also had no idea until recently that Joy Division turned into New Order after Ian Curtis died.

All I knew about New Order, until a few months ago, was that they were a popular 80’s band. After listening to them on my plan period today it’s easy now to make the Joy Division connection. It’s fine music. The song, “Ceremony” by New Order has stuck with me the last few days and that’s why it’s my song of the day.