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Ryan Adams – Prisoner

I’m not going to write a lengthy review of Ryan Adams’ fantastic new album Prisoner, I’m just going to share some quick thoughts.

  1. Ryan Adams isn’t quite the songwriter that he used to be. I think he reached his poetic pinnacle at Cold Roses. The lyrics aren’t terrible, but there’s some cheesiness and cliche that aren’t found on some of his earlier albums.
  2. Musically, however, he’s the best he’s ever been and I think that’s what carries this  album. The alt country days are far behind him. This album is more an ode to The Replacements and Tom Petty than to Willie and Waylon.
  3. Everyone see’s this as a comeback album, but common the last album was nearly as good.
  4. This is a solid record by a prolific musician.
  5. Listen to it.
  6. These got shorter as my list grew.
  7. Love, Zach

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Black Sun (Xtina’s Song of the Day)

I made this my song of the day before I even listened to it because I have that much confidence in them. They’ve been my favorite since B.O.C. (Before The O.C.), but who’s counting? (I am.) Their new album comes out in March, and I can’t wait. I might take some extra-strength Nyquil and just wake up the day the album comes out. Ben Gibbard has always been one of my favorite writers, and this song doesn’t disappoint. It feels a little darker in the vein of “Meet me on the Equinox,” that song they did for the Twilight soundtrack, except I like it a lot more.

Also, unfortunately, this song has nothing to do with the Soundgarden song “Black Hole Sun.”

Watch the official lyric video below.